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Innokin ISub NI200 Coil 5 Pack [0.1ohm]

  • Innokin ISub NI200 Coil 5 Pack
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Innokin Isub Ni200 Coil 5pk


If you love temperature controlled vaping and own an Innokin iSub personal vaporizer then these coils are for you. Nickel (Ni200) is one of the only metals that is capable of regulating temperatures, so it is essential for using temperature control mode on your device. Made by Innokin, a leader in technology and design in the e-cigarette industry, these coils are designed to give you the big clouds and great flavor you expect when vaping in TC mode. 




Innokin iSub Ni200 Nickel Replacement Coils Features:


  • 0.2Ω Resistance 
  • For Use in Temperature Control Devices
  • Control Temperatures Ranging From 356-518℉
  • Compatible with:
    • Innokin iSub
    • Innokin iSub G
    • Innokin iSub Apex 
  • 100% Organic Japanese Cotton 
  • No-Spill Coil Swap System




These Innokin iSub Nickel Coils can handle a resistance as low as 0.2 ohm and can fire at temperatures ranging all the way from 356 to 518℉. This gives you a wide range of control over your vape, perfect for those that love chasing clouds. Designed with 100% organic cotton wicking, these coils will give you pure, maximum flavor out of your e-liquids. 


Routinely changing the atomizer head in your electronic cigarette is essential to its performance and to maintaining superior flavor reproduction. The coils are what heat up the e-juice and produce those thick vapor clouds, so once they go bad you won’t be getting the most out of your vape. Replacing your coils is super easy thanks to Innokin’s “No Spill Coil Swap System.” All you have to do is open the base, remove the burnt out coil, and swap in the new one.  


Are you unsure whether it is time to replace your coil or not? The first sign that your coil needs to be replaced is a decrease in cloud production. Shortly after you start noticing this, you will likely experience e-juices leaking into your mouth and a gurgling noise from the leaking. You may also experience a burnt taste when inhaling. Finally, if your coil is not producing any vapor at all, then it is definitely burnt out and it is time for a replacement. It is recommended that as soon as you start experiencing any of these issues that you replace your coil with a brand new one to maintain an enjoyable vaping experience. 


What things contribute to how quickly a coil burns out? Well, the most obvious thing is how often you vape. If you’re a heavy vaper who chases clouds frequently throughout the day, then you will likely need to replace your coil every 5 to 7 days. Moderate vapers who vape daily, but take shorter inhales or only vape a couple times throughout the day, will probably get about 14 days out of each coil. Finally, casual or light vapers can sometimes go as long as 3 weeks on the same coil. Another factor that contributes to the lifespan of your coil is what type of e-juice flavors and VG levels you vape with. Fruit flavored e-juice tends to be higher in acidity, which will wear down your coils quicker. Liquids high in VG or vegetable glycerin will also cause more wear and tear. 


As you can see, there is really no way to be 100% sure when a coil will become burnt out. So make sure to keep a package of replacement coils on hand so that you never have to worry about being stranded without your e-cig.


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