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Innokin T18/T22 Coil 5 Pack [1.5ohm]

  • Innokin T18/T22 Coil 5 Pack
Our Price: $8.75

Innokin T18 and T22 coil 5pk

The ENDURA Prism T18 and T22 are compact personal vaporizers that provide an easy to use smoking alternative to less experienced vapers. Frequently changing the coils in these e-cig devices is essential for maintaining a pleasurable vaping experience. Don’t get stuck without your vape! Keep this package of 5 coils on hand at all times in case of a coil burn out.


Innokin T18/T22 Coils Feature:

  • Package of 5 Replacement Coils
  • 1.5Ω Dual-Coil Atomizer Head
  • 100% Organic Japanese Cotton 
  • Compatible with Innokin ENDURA Prism T18 and Prism T22 models
  • No-Spill Coil Swap System


Featuring 100% Organic Japanese cotton, the ENDURA coils are designed to give the user superb flavor and consistency. With 1.5 ohms dual coils, these atomizer heads will produce great tasting and large vapor clouds.


It is important to both the function as well as the vapor and flavor production to replace your coil as soon as it starts decreasing in performance. With Innokin’s “No-Spill Coil Swap System,” replacing your coil is super quick and convenient. Simply open the base, remove the burnt coil, and then insert the new coil into the tank. That’s all there is to it. 


The lifespan of your coils depends on a number of vaping characteristics. First, is the amount of acid in your e-liquid. Higher acidity levels will eat away at the cotton quicker. In general, fruit flavored e-juice tends to be more acidic. Second, is the vegetable glycerin or VG level of the juice. Liquids higher in VG tend to be thicker and will also wear on your coils more than those with lower VG levels. Finally, how frequently you vape is another factor that wears on your coil. 

Unsure if your coil needs replacement? There are a number of symptoms of a bad coil that are pretty easy to recognize. Usually, the first sign that vapers will notice is that they aren’t getting as much vapor production out of their e-cigarette as they did when they first bought it (or last replaced the coil). Shortly after that, they may notice a gurgling noise accompanied by liquid leaking into their mouths when inhaling. If at any time the vapor tastes burnt, it is probably a sign that the cotton in your coil is burnt and it is time to replace it. The last, and most obvious sign that a coil is bad is no vapor production at all. If you’ve started experiencing any of these signs, then immediately replace your coil and get back to an enjoyable cloud chasing experience. 

To get a better idea of how long a coil lasts on average, you need to look at how often you vape. Those who love chasing clouds all day, every day, will likely need to replace their coils every 5 to 7 days. Moderate vapers, just taking a couple of drags here and there throughout a day, can probably go about 14 days give or take on each coil. Recreational or light vapers can get anywhere from 3 weeks or more out of a coil. These are not hard rules, but just helpful hints. Therefore, if you notice any of the above signs of a burnt out coil, make sure to replace it immediately to ensure an enjoyable vaping experience. 



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  1. Great Coils! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 1st Apr 2016

    Innokin did very well on the concept of these coils. Great flavor and vapor from a 1.5 ohm with organic cotton for the wicking . These may even work in the older iClear 30s tank as the VTR would easily drive them.

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